About Hicks Instant Turf

Hicks Instant Turf come to you from the best seeds, soils and fertilizing care available.

The root system is well established and perfectly developed before harvesting takes place, allowing easy handling when laying.

The lawn is cut into uniformed rolls and attached is a generous depth of quality soil and root structure.

This is essential for successful transplanting. Your new lawn will arrive fresh, neatly mowed and ready for laying.

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Our Company History

Hicks Instant Turf is an Australian, family-owned company, which has specialised in turf and turf products since 1985.

In the early days of Instant Turf, when it was still a new concept, a certain amount of consumer education and trust needed to be built before the product could be accepted. Erroneous myths circled the market place in the early years. Was it real? Would it survive? Potential customers almost too embarrassed to ask about a product that looked like carpet or fake lawn? In contrast the product was a dream come true for landscapers and developers and this help paved the way.

The turf industry was still in its infancy when Kingsley Hicks, Managing Director and founder, first gained knowledge of it. At the time Kingsley had an interstate haulage business based at Para Hills West. Whilst having coffee one morning with his business neighbour, Kingsley expressed interest in the neighbour’s unique industry, Instant Turf. Soon the neighbour offered his business up for sale. Confident he could improve turnover, Kingsley bought the business. That was 1985.

From that time to the present, tens of thousands of square metres of Hicks Instant Turf has been laid, through hundreds of projects and innumerable domestic applications.


The First Choice for Instant Turf

The company has a substantial network of garden centre stockists and authorised distributors. All distribution points are open to the trade and public, selling a range of associated products such as fertilisers, chemicals & seed.

Since its formation the company has earned a reputation for the excellence of its turf and commitment to customer service. Hicks Instant Turf is the first choice of professionals and homemakers in exterior design.

Hicks Instant Turf was born out of the notion that we are in the business of customer service and that has never changed. We are high energy, dedicated, hardworking regular individuals with personality.

Our crew gets no greater professional reward than seeing the customer be able to trust in his or her own educated choices. Selections based on facts and information provided by us. Then finally seeing our product improve their lifestyle.

Today public demand has seen an array of varieties born out of research and development and the industry only continues to grow. With the United States as leaders in our field and Australia gaining momentum it’s an exciting future.

Hicks Instant Turf can match a turf that naturally harmonises with – and enhances- any architectural concept, structure or decorating style. It can be rustic or dramatically avant-garde. But whatever its role, turf never fails to capture the imagination!

Thank you for taking the time to read about us.