Commercial Products and Services

The Row Planting System

The planter is designed to plant into open ground or into existing grasses to convert strain. The concept is cost effective and saves on downtime.


Does not rely on pre-made scarifyings or stolons
Most systems rely on pre-made planting material which is susceptible to drying out, both at preparation and planting. This system produces the stolons from fresh turf at the time of planting.

Demand for water is one third of that needed by conventional disc planting systems
This method puts 90% of the planting material below the ground. The surrounding soil needs only be kept moist.

The unit is highly maneuverable
The rear castor wheels can be placed easily into difficult areas and very efficiently maneuvered around obstacles such as trees and bunkers. The hydraulics enable easy lifting over sprinkler heads and valve boxes.


  • Golf course fairways
  • Golf course tee blocks
  • Council parks and gardens
  • Sporting ovals
  • Convert cool season grasses to drought tolerant species

Washed Turf

Washed Turf is also available. As we have our own turf washing facility we can harvest and wash the turf efficiently, ensuring you receive a fresh product to enable best establishment.
Our washed turf conforms to the requirements of the Northern Territory Plant Quarantine Standard.

Maxi Rolls

Jumbo rolls produce a better finish, lower labour requirements and increase work rate.

Consider this for your next commercial project.
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