Turf Products

We offer a wide variety of turf products to suit all turf care and maintenance needs.

We recommend four applications a year of fertiliser from our specialty range. Reduced growth, paleness of colour and weeds may indicate your lawn is lacking nutrition. Ask for a copy of our Sir Wally fertilising program.


For best results, contact Hicks Instant Turf for a free consultation. If you have photographs we can give you the most accurate solution.

Selective Poisons

For best results with weedicides, promote growth by fertilising 14 days ahead and do not mow for 48 hours prior to spraying. Broadleaf sprays control Clover, Bindii and Broadleaf weeds including Paterson’s Curse (Salvation Jane) and should be applied before flowering at the end of July as a preventative. Use a broadleaf registered weedicide for use on Buffalo grasses.

To control Black Beetle, Mole Cricket and grass-eating caterpillars in lawns, use a recognised Lawn Grub Killer each spring, as a preventative. Wintergrass Control – apply annually between April and August.

For best results we recommend that you Contact Us for a free consultation.

Underlay Starter Kit

We can offer you an Underlay Starter Kit which is a great solution for new lawns and is highly recommended for successful root development.

For more information, please contact Hicks Instant Turf.


Does your backyard smell? Think “P-Off!”

P-Off is a unique and powerful bio-chemical solution to quickly and easily remove organic matter from synthetic turf and porous surfaces. Simply dilute into a foam applicator, set the application, apply to the affected area, soak for five minutes and hose off! It’s that easy!

P-Off will penetrate the surface, travel through the material and into the substrate. The solution will follow the path of the animal urine, then degrade uric crystals and organic matter until it’s eliminated!

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HEDGE Garden Edging

Aluminium and wood edging from HEDGE, to protect garden areas, and create beautifully aesthetic gardens with easy installation and fitting.

Garden edging that’s designer quality, highly durable, and functional to suit a variety of applications designed to make your job easy.

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